About two years ago I found One on One. Their staff has helped me to receive medications from the companies that make them at no cost to me. Since I do not have any insurance, and very limited income, this has been a great help to me. The staff are extraordinary in the way they work with people to help them out. I recognized right off that they were very helpful, loving, and caring people. They go well beyond the call of duty to help people. I appreciate them very much!            Ken S. Burghill,  Ohio

"Things were really tough for us, and then my husband lost his job.  We could not pay for our medications and were only taking them every two or three days.  Thank God we found you!  You made such a difference in our life.  We tell everyone we can about you and your wonderful service." Eleanor M.

"One on One:  Thank you so much for your time and help with my son and his pregnant girl friend.  You are a blessing.  Thanks, Jean F."

"I don't know how my wife and I would have made it without all your help.  From the free medications to the repairs on our home, you made things happen for us.  We were at the end of our rope until we found you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Andy & Ann A."

Thank you for representing One On One at our 2011 Money Saving Expo on Saturday April 2nd, 2011 at Ravenna High School. We appreciate you taking the time to provide materials and speak with members of the community at this event. The money saving expo would not have been possible without the generous contributions of time and support by participating organizations! The goal of the S.A.F.E(strategies for attaining financial empowerment) program is to provide community outreach to encourage financial literacy and education, so your prescence at our expo made a significant difference. We enjoyed working with you at the event, and we will look forward to continuing a partnership with One On One in the future! Thank You!
                                                                                  Quiana Rivers, S.A.F.E Program Coordinator

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to say a very special thank you to all of you who helped out at the tax
clinics this year.  As we wind down and start to bring taxes to a close, we
could not have accomplished this without your help.  You helped to make a lot of
people very happy with their tax returns. 
To Mary, Linda and Judy, thank you so much for assisting at almost every tax
clinic.  You ladies have been my tax angels and I say again "a very special
thanks to each of you".
We hope to work with all of you again possibly next year.  Have a great day!
Toni Brown-Harris
Ohio Benefit Bank Sustainability Coordinator
Community Action Council of Portage County

                                                                   330-604-6249 - Ohio
                                                                  803-984-9226 - South Carolina
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